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March 22, 2020 11:00 AM EDT Treadway Gallery


We will be holding our Sunday March 22nd auction featuring the collection of June & Larry Greenwald as scheduled, however attendance will be closed to the public. This follows the State of Ohio’s mandate that gatherings be kept to ten people or less. 


We will still be offering bidding via phone, absentee, and internet bidding via Live Auctioneers and Invaluable. 


All items remain available for viewing, please call us at 513-321-6742 to arrange a time to preview. 

 for this auction.

The longtime personal collection of June Greenwald, the founder of June Greenwald Antiques and a legendary antique dealer from Cleveland, Ohio, will be offered by Treadway Gallery in a single-owner sale in Cincinnati, March 22, 2020. The auction will showcase the quality and variety of decorative arts for which Greenwald is known, with items coming directly from her homes in Ohio and Florida after a move to smaller quarters. 293 lots will be sold, ranging from Satsuma vases expected to bring $200 a piece to a Tiffany Peony lamp that could realize $200,000.

"She has lovely things, from Asian porcelain to French and Russian enamel to American and European glass to Tiffany lamps," said Don Treadway. "She also has good art, including paintings and a collection of bronzes. Ninety-eight percent of everything is in excellent, original condition."

The Peony lamp, an extraordinary example, is one of seven Tiffany lamps in the auction. "This is no ordinary Peony lamp," said Robin Gilbert, Greenwald's daughter, who described the piece as an elaborate variety having "literally chunks of glass forming the petals and leaves." Gilbert recalled the lamps being a part of her mother's household. "She never wanted to sell them because this was the lighting she used in the house." Treadway, who has handled an outstanding array of Tiffany lighting, said the Peony lamp is "as nice as I've ever seen."

Art glass in the auction includes Galle, Steuben, Daum, Quezal and G. Argy-Rousseau. A pair of Art Nouveau candelabras from the Fawick collection in Cleveland will be offered, as will a variety of other Art Nouveau and Art Deco bronzes. Among the paintings is a quintessential work by Englishman Arthur Elsley, oil on canvas, of a woman, her infant and two dogs under a rose arbor. There are also three exceptional Orientalist watercolors by Italian artists Eugenio Zampighi, Ettore Simonetti, Flippo Bartolini and Giulio Rosati.

The auction isn't Treadway's first experience with Greenwald. They met more than 35 years ago at the Miami Beach Antique Show, one of a number of major venues where Greenwald was a prime exhibitor. Treadway became a customer, buying Galle and other art glass from her at $50,000 and $60,000 a piece during a robust market. "She has very good taste and is a pleasant, honorable woman to do business with," he noted. "You could trust whatever she said."

About 10 years ago Greenwald consigned a number of items to Treadway. The quality reflected her eye for antiques. "They did very well," Treadway added. "Some of the prices I got you wouldn't get again in a lifetime."

However, there's something different about the coming sale. While there are noteworthy examples of decorative arts across the spectrum, this won't be a sale focused solely on high-dollar items. Greenwald placed a premium on the beauty of an object, regardless of its value. The Satsuma is a perfect example. Many were purchased by Greenwald during buying trips to England and are expected to sell at reasonable prices.

Treadway plans to emphasize some of the more affordable items in the auction. "I'm going to try to bring attention a lot of things that are not very expensive, because I think they are really, really good," he said.

Greenwald always focused her business on the best of the best, regardless of price. It's what established her in the antiques industry and set her on a path as an international dealer, despite a humble beginning.

She founded her antiques business in 1959. As the mother of five children, Greenwald frequented yard sales for household and children's items. After flipping a garage-sale find to an antique dealer, she learned there was money to be made from her weekly ventures. That led to her first shop. She also sold at major antique shows. Her buying stretched from the finest Cleveland estates to overseas markets. Her antique store in Cleveland Heights remained active until her retirement in 2012.

"She has an eye for craftsmanship, creativity and the unique," said Gilbert. "She started building a remarkable collection. She always said, ‘Keep the best and sell the rest.' And she would upgrade the collection throughout the years." The Treadway auction will offer those items Greenwald had most prized. "It is a very unique and rare opportunity to get a collection that has been locked up since the 1960s," added Gilbert.

During her years in business, the acquaintances Greenwald made were remarkable in their own right. Cleveland collectors and authors Ralph and Terry Kovel were regular customers, as was the grand dame of Art Deco, Berenice Kent. Ray and Lou Grover, authors of numerous books on art glass, were also friends and frequent visitors. On the road, Greenwald both sold to and bought from notable dealers that included Minna Rosenblatt, Lillian Nassau and Dorothy Lerner.

After Greenwald's retirement, the business was run by Gilbert and her twin brother, Ron Greenwald. The auction of the private collection will be another chapter in the family history. "Treadway and his knowledge and expertise in art glass and lamps, and his stellar reputation, will do this collection a great deal of justice," said Gilbert.

Bidding will be in person, on the phone, via absentee, and online at Liveauctioneers and Invaluable. Efficient and inexpensive delivery is available thru Treadway and everything is guaranteed. 

Important Note: Due to federal law restricting intrastate commerce on the sale of ivory and other endangered species, lots 178, 184, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208, 209, 210, 211, 212, 213, 257, 289 can only be sold through intrastate commerce. Only Ohio residents with a valid State ID will be allowed to participate in the following lots. Please keep in mind interstate transport is prohibited by law. Refer to the US Fish and Wildlife Service: Endangered Species Act for more information.

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